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Harvest of Horror

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The Harvest of Horror haunted attraction was added to Denver Downs in 2015 and was a huge success and attracted thousands of haunt seekers of all ages. The 2016 Harvest of Horror season begins September 29 and runs through Halloween night October 31st. The feature haunt of 2016 is the Dark Harvest Penitentiary where zombies have taken over the institution to release pure fear on the unfortunate guests. In addition to the aunted penitentiary, there are another five featured haunted attractions. Test your appetite for horror and fear at the Upstate’s leading haunted attraction. One admission price includes all haunted attractions. Not recommend for children under 12 years of age.

Dark Harvest Penitentiary

Scream all you want, your bus driver could care less! Your haunted transportation to Dark Harvest Penitentiary is provided with no regard for FEAR! Your crimes have earned you the darkest ride of your life!

At Dark Harvest Penitentiary condemned death row prisoners rule, all sanity is lost, your soul will turn, your screams go unheard, you cannot escape the horror! Authority vanished, prisoners to mean to die control your every move and force you to find your way through maximum insanity cells, witness failed executions and discover an infirmary totally dedicate your fear of pain! Unsure of what is real or not this All NEW 4,000 sq ft facility will leave your mind twisted with uncertainty and fear for this horrid place.



Bates Motel

[lead centered=”yes”]WARNING: Fear the Reaper and what you know to be hostile![/lead]
Check in at your own risk knowing that raw horror will meet your every footstep as you search in vain for the safety of your room. Move slowly, quietly and you may just find your way through this legendary horror and on to the Haunted Farm House.


Haunted Farm House

After you find your way out of the Bates Hotel you must descend into the blackened corridor leading to the Farm House. Tread carefully, trapped zombies roam this narrow passage pressing travelers to the Farm House. Zombies infest the Farm House searching for helpless visitors to add to the mortuary and graves surrounding the house and leading to the Haunted Trail.


Haunted Trail

You escape the stench of rotten flesh, zombie infested Farm House down a second floor sliding board. Once outside you must navigate your way past open graves and through the mortuary and onto the haunted trail. Along the trail your every step is challenged, insane clowns, lost zombies attempt to guide you through the darkness, one spine chilling obstacle after the other until finally arrive on what appears to be a deserted city street. Life as you once knew it is now far behind you. When will this Harvest of Horror end?








Hours of Operation

  • Thursday: 7pm – 11pm
  • Friday: 7pm – 12 midnight
  • Saturday 7pm – 12 midnight
  • Sunday: 7pm – 11pm

1515 Denver Road
Anderson, SC 29625



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