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Denver Downs Farm | Harvest of Horror

Harvest of Horror is closed for the 2017 season. 
Thanks to all who made it  such a hit this year.
See you next year, if you dare.

Harvest of Horror

Test your appetite for horror and fear at the Upstate’s leading haunted attraction. One admission price includes 4 Haunted events, the 10 acre corn maze, and the barnyard activities!  So much fun.  So much fright.  Can you handle it all?  We invite you to try.   Not recommended for weak hearts.


Freak Show

Disappear down carny row past Dark Ride, Séance and things you don’t know. Step inside through shackled doors and get your fill of hellish gore until you scream, “I want haunt no more!”


Camp Crystal Lake

Climb aboard the bus to Camp Crystal Lake and travel with those who want your soul to take. Darkness grows as unwanted riders appear.   Cling to your senses, prepare for fear.


Santa Slay

Something has gone terribly wrong with Christmas Cheer at the Myer’s family home. Chopped and twisted joyful gore wrapped and waiting behind each door. Watch your step, choke back your fear for Santa’s slay was just here.


Haddonfield Inn

Warm charm ensures vacancy is here with Michael greeting each guest with rooms of fear! No rest for the weary, no end to the fright at the Haddonfield Inn throughout the night.

Hours of Operation

Thursday: 7pm – 11pm
Friday: 7pm – 12 midnight
Saturday 7pm – 12 midnight
Sunday: 7pm – 11pm

Four Haunts – One Price

All Access Pass:  $30
(includes 10 acre maze, hayride,
35 barnyard activities, Bonfires and live music)

Fast Pass Add-on:  $10

This event is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

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