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Black Oil Sunflowers

Black Oil Sunflowers

Black Oil Sunflowers look like any old sunflower as far as coloring and bloom style, but there are several characteristics that make them REALLY cool.

They’re BIG. Black Oil Sunflowers can grow up to 10 ft, nearly 3 times that of other sunflower varieties. Its bloom is usually 12 inches across. 

They CLEAN soil. One of the main reasons these flowers are grown is that they clean the soil in which they’re planted. Their roots dig deep into the ground and pull nutrients and soil contaminants toward the surface, improving the growing environment for everything around them. 

They produce HIGH PROTEIN seeds. While they’re not suitable for human consumption, songbirds and chickens love them. The black seeds have a large amount of oil and protein in them which help birds increase in weight. 

Super EASY TO GROW. These tough blooms can handle nearly all growing conditions. They are tolerant in less-than-perfect soil and require just an inch of water per week.

Explore these magnificent beauties at this year’s Sunflower Festival at Denver Downs Farm!

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