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Catapult Competition

Catapult Completion

This  November, Denver Downs Farm is hosting a catapult competition to  challenge the youth of our area to build   working trebuchet models.  Students working as teams  will design and build their own  trebuchet and be judged on design and accuracy.  Safety will be paramount throughout the process.  You might ask, ‘What is a trebuchet?’.   It is a machine used in medieval siege warfare for hurling large stones or other missiles.¹

November 8 – 10, 2019
Competition to begin at noon on November 9

$12.50 Admission | $10.00 Camping
$5.00 Hot Dog Meal | $3.00 for 2 S’Mores Kits


This category is open to teams from troops of Boy or Girl Scouts.  Camping is available.    Contact us for information or reservations.

Elementary  K-5

This category challenges the team to build a working trebuchet from a provided kit.  This trebuchet must have been able to safely and accurately launch a small rubber ball to accurately hit a target set 2-10 feet away.

Middle School:  6-8

This category is for teams  from local schools grades 6 thru 8.

High School:  9-12

This category is open for teams made up  of students in grades 9 through 12.  The challenge is to design and build a working trebuchet to design specs.  The goal will be to launch a  lacrosse ball safely and accurately and hit a target anywhere between 50-200 feet away.

For Middle School, High School and Scouts Categories;
$100 Prize for Both Accuracy Winner and Distance Winner
$50 prize for distance in each category.
Prizes sponsored by Michelin.

Judged by Clemson University Physics and Astronomy Department.
Email Catherine for rules and guidelines.

Catapult Competition Participant Release

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