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Duke It Out at Denver Downs

We are so excited to be offering up Duke award-winning sandwiches right here at Denver Downs Farm! Offering up over 100 years of tasty goodness, Duke sandwiches have been a favorite of Greenville locals for years.

Eugenia Duke was well ahead of her time as a businesswoman and started selling her homemade spread sandwiches using a family mayonnaise recipe to the soldiers based on Camp Sevier for a dime each. Her sandwiches tasted “like home” to the fellas who were nowhere near home. In the year 1919, Duke’s sandwiches were selling like hot cakes, selling more than 10,000 sandwiches in a single day. Duke expanded her distribution to canteens, stores, and Upstate textile mills.

In 1929, Duke sold her family-created mayonnaise recipe to C.F. Sauer who established a Duke Mayonnaise factory. She also sold her recipes to her bookkeeper, Alan Hart, who established a wholesale market for Duke’s sandwiches. Hart sold the sandwich business to his sister-in-law, Loran Smart, who wisely adapted a machine to automatically wrap sandwiches, enabling the company to make larger quantities to meet the growing demands while maintaining their high quality standards.

Loran’s son, Richard Smart, transformed the company into several restaurant locations and runs the business with the help of Loran and their sons. Later on in 2014, Duke Sandwich Productions expands into ready-to-eat spreads, dips, and salsas as well as desserts. The company became Duke Brands in 2017 and continues to grow their business today.

Here at Denver Downs, we offer some of Duke’s fan favorites including the Pimento Cheese Sandwich and Chicken Salad Sandwich as well as their tasty Banana Pudding. Stop on by and enjoy one of the best sandwiches in South Carolina!

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