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Fall 2020 Calendar of Events

Fall Calendar of Events

Heroes Weekend

Sept 26 Saturday
10am-10pm  Military Appreciation and First Responders Weekend (get in free with ID)

Sept. 27 Sunday
3:00pm  Spencer Rush (live music)

Pumpkin Festival Weekend

Oct. 2 Friday
4:30pm:     Pie eating contest
7:00pm:     Chris Stokes

Oct. 3 Saturday
12:00pm:      Pumpkin Princess Pageant
2:00pm:      Pumpkin Painting Contest
2:00pm:     Live music
4:30pm:    Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest
6pm-8pm:     Will Sheehan

Oct. 4 Sunday        Clemson Day at the Maze
3:00pm:      Spencer Rush
4:30pm:     Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest
5:00pm:     Pumpkin Carving Contest Entries Due

Touch a Tractor / Celebrate John Deere Weekend

Oct. 9 Friday
7:00pm:     Chris Stokes

Oct. 10 Saturday
11:00am:    Mr John Deere Pageant (baby and little ages birth to 6 yrs)
2:00pm:    Christopher Branch
7:00pm:    Kyle Dills Band

Oct. 11 Sunday
2:00pm:     Spencer Rush

Sports Fun Weekend

Oct. 16 Friday
6:00pm:    Tanner Stephens

Oct. 17 Saturday
3:30pm:    Football Throwing Competition
5:30pm:    Arm Wrestling Competition
7pm-9pm:     Tailgate Homeboys

Oct. 18 Sunday
2:00pm:    Louie Sagedy
3:30pm:     Basketball throwing Contest
4:30pm:   Baseball throwing Competition

Celebrate 150 years of Denver Downs

Oct. 23 Friday
7pm-9pm: Christopher Branch

Oct. 24 Saturday
10:00am: Giant Birthday Cake
3pm-5pm: Louie Sagedy
6:00pm: Tanner Stephens

Oct. 25 Sunday
3:00pm: Spencer Rush

Halloween Weekend

Oct. 30 Friday
7pm-9pm: Chris Stokes

Oct. 31 Saturday
11:00am: Baby Costume Contest
2:30pm: Louie Sagedy
5:00pm: Children’s Costume Contest
5:30pm: Trick or Treat Parade (12 and under in costume)
6pm-8pm: Live Music
8:00pm: Adult Costume Contest

Nov. 1 Sunday Dog day at the maze
3:00pm: Spencer Rush
5:00pm: Dog Costume Contest

STEM Fest Weekend / Catapult – Trebuchet Competition

Nov. 6 Friday
6pm-8pm: Luke Smith

Nov. 7 Saturday
11:00am: Law of Motion Demonstration
2:00pm: Catapult Demonstrations and Discussions
8:30pm: Fireworks

Nov. 8 Sunday

Final Weekend

Nov. 13 Friday
5:30pm-7:30pm: Stephen Hardy

Nov. 14 Saturday
7pm-9pm: Tailgate Homeboys

Nov. 15 Sunday
3:00pm: Spencer Rush

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