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Exotic Blooms

Exotic Blooms

We will be showing off some seriously cool sunflower varieties in our Exotic Garden Displays this year at the farm! Here are a few we think are especially unique. 

Sunforest Mix: These bad boys reach up to 10-15 feet high and can spread up to 40 inches wide. These would make a great natural privacy barrier in the back yard or as a playhouse backdrop.

Sunflower ‘Shock-O-Lat’: This sunflower variety has huge flower heads and lots of branches. The blooms are the deep, dark brown color of chocolate and with golden tips. A gold halo surrounds each center. This variety grows up to 6 ft high and are perfect for vases as they are pollen-free.

‘Prado Red Shades’: With brown centers surrounded with vibrant red petals, this sunflower variety is on the shorter side at 4 feet. Perfect for bouquets!

Sunflower ‘Ms. Mars’: With spiky, twisting petals, these guys look like they were grown in outer space. With dark red-purple leaves, these blooms turn a lighter pink at the tips as they open. They are an itty bitty variety, only reaching 30 inches tall.

Come on out to the farm this year to see our exotic varieties!

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