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General Information

Are there ATM machines on site?

No ATM machines at the farm.  We accept Cash or Credit/Debit cards for both concert events and attractions.

Can I bring my pet?

We accommodate service animals, no pets allowed.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, once you have entered the farm we cannot refund your money. There are absolutely no refunds for concerts and special events.

For the attractions (corn maze and haunt) If you need to leave due to an emergency you can check with the box office on your exit. We do sometimes offer a voucher for a future return if you have not been in the farm for longer than 30 minutes. This is a case by case scenario and based on the scan time of your ticket.

How big is the farm?

900 acres with the entertainment area taking up 100 acres!

I’ve lost an item! How can I find it?

Lost and Found is located at the main box office entrance.
Please secure loose items before playing in the Straw Barn or maze. Denver Downs is not responsible for damaged or lost items.

Is camping allowed?

Camping is  allowed on a case by case basis.    Contact us before hand.

Is smoking permitted?

Concerts and Events

There are designated smoking areas for patrons. We ask that you please use ash buckets to insure a fire is not started. A wet or dry field is extremely flammable.


Smoking is prohibited.

What if I lock my keys in my car?

There may be a wrecker service on site to help with car issues (Charges will apply according to the company).

What restroom facilities are there?

There are porta-potties and hand washing stations at the farm.

About the Maze

Can I eat the corn?

You could, but it would not taste very good. The variety of corn that we grow is field corn for cattle.  (Corn picked from the maze is $1 per ear for the picker.)

How big is the corn maze?

The corn maze sprawls over 10 acres!

How long does it take to get through the maze?

It all depends on how many wrong turns you take. The average person will finish the maze within one hour. There are several games of different levels of complexity to try in the maze: answer trivia, find the friendly scarecrows, or time yourself using your Smartphone to enter the contest.

Is the maze scary?

The 10 acre Corn Maze is not Scary.  The haunted event, Harvest of Horror, does have a haunted maze that is separate from the main maze.

What should I wear to the Maze and Pumpkin Patch?

It is best to wear casual clothes to the farm, and layers if it is cool weather. Please wear shoes with enclosed toes (tennis shoes or boots are best). Flip-flops and sandals are NOT suggested.

Will I get lost?

We hope so! It’s designed to be that way. While everyone does get lost to different degrees, we have designed the maze to be an interactive activity that makes a trip inside the maze more than just a walk through corn. At the beginning of your visit you will be given a “maze map” to help you navigate through the maze to the 12 numbered posts and to the exit. Answering the trivia questions correctly on each post will also give you advice on the next path to take. Or just have fun getting lost!

Concerts in the Country

Along with weapons, are there other prohibited items?

Yes – the following items are NOT permitted

  • Aerosol cans
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cameras with removable lenses
  • Coolers
  • Picnic baskets
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal drugs
  • Laser pens and pointers
  • Noisemaking devices
  • Outside food and beverage (except one non-alcoholic 24 oz. beverage in a plastic factory-sealed container)
  • Video or recording devices
  • Weapons and any other items deemed inappropriate or dangerous by the venue management.
Are backpacks allowed?

No backpacks allowed. Any bag over 10”x 10” is not permitted.

Are chairs and blankets allowed?

Yes, lawn chairs and blankets are allowed in specified areas only.

Are concert and special events family friendly?

All of the concerts and special events are family friendly events with adequate security, but please be aware that alcohol will be sold at the event and that your discretion should be used before bringing young children to the show.

Are grills allowed?

For the safety of patrons and the property, grills are not permitted; as this is an outdoor event they are a fire hazard.

Are there any explicitly prohibited items?

Yes – aerosol cans, alcoholic beverages, cameras with removable lenses, coolers, picnic baskets, fireworks, illegal drugs, laser pens and pointers, noise making devices, outside food and beverage (except one non-alcoholic 24 oz. water in a plastic factory-sealed container), video or recording devices, weapons and any other items deemed inappropriate or dangerous by the venue management.

Are there first aid stations on site?

First Aid or EMT stations will be present on the grounds during concerts and special events. If you witness or are having an emergency while on the farm, please find one of our team members and call 911 immediately.

Are there front gate searches?

For the safety of all of our patrons there will be a search conducted at the front gate during concerts and special events. ALL purses and personal pouches under 10” wide X 12” tall are allowed, but will be searched upon entry for the safety of all in attendance.

Are video cameras permitted?

Video cameras or any recording devices are strictly prohibited. Still cameras are welcome.

Are weapons allowed inside?

Zero tolerance, we do not allow weapons of ANY kind in the venue or parking area. This includes glass of any kind. Normally carry a pocket knife? Leave it at home, or in your car.

Can I bring my toddler?

Children under three years of age are allowed in with a paid adult ticket for concert and special events only. Ages three and up must have a concert ticket. Children two years and younger will be required to sit in a lap in the reserved seating section. Only one child under three per paid adult.

Can we bring a camper or RV?

Sure, pre-purchased parking passes for RV’s are $35 and available on Denver Downs. You will be required to show one valid ticket for every passenger in the RV. You will not be permitted to camp over night.  People arriving to the venue with no pre-purchased parking pass will be charged $50 to park the RV. Any vehicles left overnight will be towed at owner’s expense.

Do I need my I.D. to purchase beer/alcohol?

Yes, I.D. is required for all patrons who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages – This is a STATE law. Attempting to use a fraudulent ID will result in forfeit of ticket.

Do you offer group transportation?


How early should we arrive?

Concerts and Special Events

Parking lot opens at 5:00pm for concerts and special events. The gates open at 5:00pm. We encourage you to arrive early to avoid traffic delays and lines at the gate.


No need to arrive any earlier than posted opening (“About Us” page under “Hours of Operation”)

If I cannot drive home, can I leave my car?

No. Plans will need to be made on your behalf in advance of the show to get you and your car home after the show ends. Please drink responsibly. Vehicles left on the property will be towed at owner’s expense.

If I leave, may I re-enter with the same ticket?

There is no re-entry.

Is there accessible parking and seating available?

Accessible parking is located though the main entrance. A pre-issued parking pass is required. A pre-issued parking pass is not required for the lot as long as you have a state issued handicap license tag and an ADA hang tag placard visible to the police and parking attendants. Parking attendants will escort you to the accessible location.

Accessible Seating is available, however the facility is a temporary event set up and accessible seating is first come first serve as with all the seats.

Someone in my party has trouble walking. Is there a service to get them to the disabled seating area?

Though we welcome everyone, it is an outdoor festival and weather sometimes is an issue. We provide ADA Parking, which is quite close to the event entrance. If you are unable to walk, you are welcome to bring a wheelchair or a medical scooter (no golf carts please) to get around. Again, the festival site is large and is earthy (not paved) so please keep this in mind as you are planning your visit.

What are the Box Office hours?

For concerts and special events, our box office opens at 11am on until 30 minutes after the headliner goes on stage. For attractions, see “Hours of Operation”.

What forms of payment do you take?

Tickets are available online with credit card.  The ticket office at the farm takes MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. There is NO ATM on site.

What happens in the event of an emergency evacuation?

If the music park is evacuated for severe weather or an emergency, our staff members are trained in emergency preparedness and evacuation procedures. In the event of an emergency, please follow the direction of our security and usher staff for your safety and the safety of others.

What if an event is cancelled or postponed?

In the event a performance is rescheduled or cancelled due to weather, information is immediately sent to the local media for distribution and placed on the Denver Downs website and also the Denver Downs Farms Facebook/Twitter pages as well.

What if I forgot my tickets?

In this case, you will need to go to the Ticket Tent (front gate), and they will be able to look your order up by verifying your personal information.

What if it’s raining?

We will continue on with events, “rain or shine”. If an event would happen to be cancelled, refunds would be offered.

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