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Hiring Campaign 2022

FUN place to PLAY — GREAT place to WORK!

Promote working at the farm by advertising the incentives: $10,000 (or pick a number) in prizes with daily prize drawings, food/bakery discounts, opportunity to earn free tickets, free teeshirts, and more. Sponsors donate the prizes. We can provide a package for presentation to sponsors showing how they will be promoted on DDF’s social media. Cross promoting sponsor provided prizes with branded DDF graphics will significantly broaden the reach for finding good employees.

Examples of some farms’ prizes: Electronics (Apple watch, television, laptops, etc), movie tickets, sports equipment, electric scooter, kayak, paddleboard, gift cards, scholarships — Cornbelly’s gives a trip to Disneyland!

What’s in a name?

Create fun names for the various positions at the farm. These could go on teeshirts or (less expensive) name tags. Corndawg Dipper, Goat Wrangler, Chicken Herder — or whatever. Match names to cute graphics as shown above.

How-to’s for Hiring

You could advertise a “Job Fair” with a speed dating atmosphere. “Bring your application with you and rotate through stations to be interviewed based on personality, skill sets, job preferences, etc.” Or — set up several blocks of time for “Pop-In Interviews”, where prospects can come and go.

Employee Celebration

In the hiring phase, promote a huge end-of-season party for employees and plus-one. Music, food, prizes, playtime at the farm, and more. Great opportunity to take video clips for use during the next hiring season.

*IDEA:  What if we cranked up a photo contest for employees only! Give prizes, tickets, food or pumpkins for the best photos of the season!? We could even develop categories — adults, kids, food, animal antics, music, etc.  And we could use those in marketing!

Social Media Platforms

Set up TikTok to reach the younger crowd. We can develop some catchy videos to post about the perks of employment, encourage sharing, and more.

Branded Facebook graphics can be created for exchanging with sponsors to promote their giveaways and incentive items.  Blog posts can enforce these campaigns.

Create a YouTube video (Catherine or a local professional?) that’s a behind-the-scenes tour of the farm showcasing the work experience. This would be great to show prospective sponsors and also to run on Facebook.

We love your ideas …

  • Up the hourly rate (as an end of season bonus) for employees who have not missed work or who have otherwise endeared themselves to the farmers or customers!
  • Create an advertising campaign aimed at folks who came to the farm in its early days — reminding them of the memories and reaching out to their offspring as potential employees.
  • Create a special campaign to reach age 21+ folks who would be able to serve alcohol.
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