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Kids ‘N’ Concerts

Taking your kids to a music festival can feel like a daunting task. However, here at Denver Downs Farm, we pride ourselves for being a family-friendly venue and welcome music lovers of ALL AGES. Here are a few tips to make our concerts an enjoyable experience for the whole family. 

Bring the Essentials
Making a checklist of all the things you’ll need to keep your child healthy and happy will make your concert experience fun for all. Be sure to pack basic requirements including medications, a first aid kit, a favorite toy, etc. If the event is outdoors, pack sunblock and a hat to protect your little one from the sun. A comfy blanket will provide a place for your kids to play and nap. Additional clothes are always a good idea should there be accidents. 

Get Mobile
Anyone with kids knows that there is no such thing as packing light. An all-terrain wagon can make your life a whole lot easier enabling you to easily transport all your gear, diaper bags, and toys while holding your child’s hand. It also makes changing spots a breeze.

Get Into the Music
Test out the tunes of the artists you’re going to see with your kids. This can help get them excited about the event and familiarize them with the songs. Also, music can be pretty loud at concerts. Be sure to pack earplugs or noise protection earmuffs to protect your child’s hearing and to make the volume less intense. 

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
Hungry kids are grumpy kids. Be sure to keep your family hydrated and fed for the duration of the festival. We have lots of kid-friendly snack and beverage options here at the farm. 

Safety First
As with any other crowded event, it’s always a good idea to give your kids a game plan should they get separated from you. Put your contact information somewhere on your kid’s attire (a card in their pocket or on a lanyard they can wear) so that you can be contacted as soon as possible. Make a mental note of what your child is wearing (or take a photo earlier in the day) so that security guards or farm personnel can locate them quickly. 

Be safe and have fun!

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