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Maze Honors Moon Landing

We here at Denver Downs Farm are honored to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing  in this year’s maze design.  Here are a few interesting tidbits about this historical event! 

There were three. Although there were three astronauts sent to the Moon, only two of them actually stepped on it. The names Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are commonly associated with the Apollo mission. However, a third astronaut named Michael Collins was also on the mission and was responsible for piloting the module that was left orbiting around the Moon. While he didn’t get to set foot on the Moon, the mission would have been impossible without Collins.

Record viewership. The televised Moon landing was watched by about 600 million people. Media outlets provided extensive coverage in the days prior to the record-breaking event leading to 53+ million families watching the event on TV. Worldwide viewership reached over 550 million which was a world record at that time. The Fifa World Cup holds the current record with 3.5 billion viewers. 

Running on fumes. Astronauts landed with only 25 seconds of fuel to spare. A landing spot had already been chosen prior to the mission. However, upon arrival the astronauts realized that the spot featured several boulders which could be detrimental. As a result, Armstrong had to manually navigate the probe by skimming over the risky area, a process that used more fuel. The probe had a set fuel limit that, if reached, would have automatically aborted the landing. Talk about a close call! We all know how stressed we get when our fuel gauge creeps towards E and we have AAA. 

Quarantine. The astronauts had to be quarantined after returning to Earth. Because the astronauts were returning from uncharted territory, they were placed in quarantine to prevent any contamination of potential microorganisms that may have been brought back from the Moon landing. We now know that there are zero forms of life on the Moon. 

Aviation artifacts. Neil Armstrong carried around a piece of wood from a Wright brothers airplane as a symbol of the great progress made in aviation. The Wright brothers made their first successful plane in 1903. Who would have thought that just 66 years later, we’d be landing on the Moon? Armstrong’s piece of wood along with a scrap of fabric from the same plane are now at the Smithsonian.

Come explore our 10-acre maze this Fall at Denver Downs Farm!

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