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Pumpkin Princess Entry Form

Use this form to enter your child in the Denver Downs Farm Pumpkin Princess Pageant.  Please use the “TAB” key to go from field to field.  Using the ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ key prematurely will cause the form to try to be submitted.  Errors will be produced.  Only click the ‘Submit’ button after filling out all ‘required’ fields.  If you have a question or comment, please add it in the space provided, or go to our ‘Contact Us‘ form and send us your question using that form.

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  • The Following May be Read While Your Child is on Stage

  • Please note, after you click 'Send Registration' below, you will be taken to a response page letting you know that the form was completed. To make your registration complete, you must click the PayPal link on the response page and complete the registration process with your payment thru PayPal. Once we receive notice that the payment has been processed, we will confirm your registration. Thanks for participating in our Pumpkin Princess Pageant.
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