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Pumpkins by the ticket barn are for sale, if you don’t have time to come into the event!   Use our Pumpkin Wagons to carry your pumpkins from the patch to your car!   Pumpkins are sold by the pound.  Prices are posted at the farm.

About our Pumpkins …

We have pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. Some of our large pumpkins are Atlantic Giant and Big Moose. Unusually colored ones are Full Moon, Hooligan, Lumina and World of Color. More magical pumpkin variety names are Gladiator, Gold Rush, Bumpkin, Fairytale and Speckled Swan.

We’ve Got Gourds!

Folks may not know that gourds and squash are ‘cousins’ to pumpkins! Our gourds can be used as Fall ornamentals or to cook with. Gourd types that are squash are Cinderella, Long Island Cheese, and Jarrahdale.

Pumpkin Carving

  • Before carving your pumpkin, soak it in a bucket of water (with two tablespoons of bleach added) for 10 about minutes.  The best carving tools include a sharp knife, a small serrated knife, a metal spoon and a thumbtack.
  • Make the pumpkin level on the bottom with a serrated knife.
  • After opening the top, scoop out the seeds with a metal spoon.

Uses for Pumpkins

  • Roast the pumpkin seeds.
  • Use the pulp for cooking recipes like pumpkin bread, pies, soufflés, bread pudding, and more.
  • Paint or carve for decoration.
  • When Halloween is over, set your jack o’lantern out for deer, birds or raccoons to munch.

Pumpkin Painting!

We have pumpkin painting set up for you under the jumbo tent in the Pumpkin Patch! Purchase a pumpkin, select your paint colors, and let your imagination and creativity flow! We’ll take care of the clean up!

pumpkin princesses

The Pumpkin Princess Pageant

The annual Pumpkin Princess Pageant is a joy to participate in as well as watch. This is a unique opportunity for  girls to participate in a fun, magical experience.

Each contestant will receive a pumpkin goodie bag and a trophy for participating. Winners will receive sashes, crowns, and will be invited to participate in the Denver Downs Christmas Parade held at 2pm the Sunday before Christmas.

Visit our delightful Pinterest Boards for pumpkin fun! Get recipes, carving tips, painting ideas, pumpkin decor projects and more!

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