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Sunflower Facts

Sunflower Facts

We are getting REALLy excited about our first ever Sunflower Festival here at the farm. Here are some REALLY cool facts about these happy blooms!

A sunflower contains between 1,000 and 2,000 seeds. You can harvest and roast them for a tasty, healthy snack.

Sunflowers move with the sun. At sunrise, the flower will face east and follow the sun during the day. At sunset, the bloom will be facing the west.

The tallest sunflower ever grown was in Germany in 2014. The sunflower measured in at 30 ft, 1in. That’s almost as tall as a 3-story house! And just because, the German word for sunflower is “sonneblume”. 

Native to North America, there are around 70 varieties of sunflowers. They can be tall or short, have big blooms or little blooms, and come in different colors. You can find these beauties in yellow, its most common color, as well as in red, orange, and purple. PSSST!

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